A unique combination of kite, helium balloon and protective balloon cover, the Vigilante Helikite flies up to 200 feet with up to 20 mph Smart E Bike or without any wind to scare birds over areas as large as 25 acres.

Vigilante helikite

The hovering Helikite mimics the action of birds of prey as it moves around the sky. Helikites have been shown to be the most powerful birdscarer available in all the comparative birdscaring trials they have participated in. (See for more details) The instinctive fear created within bird pests is very hard for them to overcome and so the bird control effect is extremely long lasting and over far larger areas than normal startle reaction birdscarers. 

The Vigilante Helikite will come down in the rain but the protective cover protects the balloon from punctures until it dries out and automatically re-launches itself again. They are very frugal with helium – only using a few pence worth of the gas per day. We consider Helikites to be the best birdscarers in the world and we offer a money back birdscaring guarantee if birds get used to them within two months. As far as we know, no other birdscarer manufacturer in the world offers such a imitaciones Rolex guarantee. If you have critical bird problems or large areas to control the Vigilante Helikite is the answer.

They cost £119 + VAT each or £111 + VAT each when buying three or more. Per acre they are the cheapest method of bird control as well as the most powerful. The Vigilante Helikite is completely silent,  thus eliminating complaints of noise from neighbours.